GitlabHQ ASP.NET MVC3 Port

Project URL:
Project manager: Eugene Boris
Date of completion: 1/16/2013
Client: Elit Proffesionals S.r.l.

This project involved porting of all features to ASP.NET MVC3 of GitlabHQ project that is written in Ruby on Rails. We researched and made one to one porting to MVC3. Challenge was in implementing all git functions on windwos as ther else luck of git servers for windows. To accomplish this task we choose libgit2 with combination of git client installed on server, that we used to recreate missing features of libgit2. To perfome data access we used Telerik OpenAccess ORM for Postgre SQL database so client can integrate developed project into his other systems. For common screens we used Telerik Controls to make development faster and less expensive. For UI was used customized Twitter Bootstrap theme.